Success strategies for beating burn-out and reduce stress

Updated: Apr 9

Are you stressed out and teetering on the edge of burn out?

Let me help you...

Last week I was asked by a fellow transplant recipient for some ideas to help people calm and control their anxiety. As most of you know I am a resiliency coach, who grew up with serious health issues and spent many hours in hospitals. I am also a five organ transplant recipient and a mother who struggled with fertility than after adopting two amazing kids ended up giving birth to a child with the same I have had to learn and master coping skills. Here are my top ten strategies that I use to prevent burn out and reduce stress 1. Have a trusted friend or family member you can vent to and seek advice from. Having a support network is vital. Talk with others who have gone thru a similar situation they can be a mentor and a great resource of information and ideas. 2. Simplify your life- When you write your "To-Do" list, decide what is important and choose your top three priorities. Don't stress yourself out. We have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We all have different needs, different demands upon our time, and different circumstances. Grant yourself a little grace and move along at a pace that is realistic for you. 3. Get fresh air- Go for a walk, hike, or bike ride outside. Exercise move your body. 4. Diversion Tactics- Listen to uplifting music or positive podcasts. Watch a good movie/tv show whenever you just need to "veg-out" and de-stress distract your brain 5. Never stop learning whether it is learning a new hobby or seeking information about improving your mental and/or physical health. There are lots of great podcasts or classes about business, time management, parenting skills, etc. Take advantage of modern technology- pretty much any topic you want to learn about you can Google. Or go old school and read a book. I always keep a book in my purse to read when I am waiting in a doctor's office or picking up kids and have a few minutes to take in some knowledge. 6. Journal- make a list of things that you are grateful for. List the names of people, places, and things that make you happy. When feeling anxious or depressed refer to that list. Do one of those activities or contact one of the people on your list that can always make you smile, laugh, and lift your spirits. 7. Adopt or spend time with a pet. Animals can help calm and comfort. 8. Get involved with a volunteer/service project... Serving others and getting out of your own "drama" seems to help anxiety/depression to pop up less frequently. Often when we help lift others our circumstances don't seem so bad anymore. 9. Take a few "quiet" minutes daily to truly listen to your inner self. Meditate /Pray- seek guidance from a higher power 10. Become a resilience rock rock star listen to uplifting or relaxing music. harness the power of podcasts gain new knowledge on any topic or self guided meditation and hypnosis.

R I hope some of these ideas will help you, Check out my burn out quiz and resource guide. Go to the freebies tab on my website


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