The Secret: How to get it "ALL" done in just 5 easy steps.

What is the secret to getting it all done? Create a flexible calendar in just 5 easy steps.

This method allows you to plan and be organized but have flexibility if needed.

1. On the top of each day in your planner write directly on page in large bold letters a theme for each day or household chores “zones” to clean. (I chose orange marker )

2. Creating a themed focus area for each day will help you recognize which tasks you can “batch”. Decide three “to-do” items each day (shown on the neon yellow sticky notes moveable if needed). This is a great way to save time and increase productivity.

3. The pink sticky notes on the planner can be things I enjoy “self-care” activities. Or another option for the pink sticky note can be upcoming appointments you may have simply write the specifics and post pink sticky note on appropriate day. Then simply remove after you have attended that appointment.

4. Next on each themed day decide what is for dinner each day. (As shown on the teal blue sticky notes.) You can avoid daily decision fatigue because you now have pre-set meal plan… with the flexibility to swap meals onto other days if needed.

5. On orange sticky notes I wrote optional “to-Do” items I would LIKE to get to if I have extra time that day.

Focusing on small daily steps that will help you achieve a bigger project/goal. As you do this you create new habits/routines easily while still managing to maintain balance and flexibility in all the areas of your life.

If you would like help creating new tiny habits set up a single coaching session😊

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