How to reduce anxiety in 5 easy steps

Updated: Apr 9

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Use my easy 5 step method I call The 5 R's:

1. Reframe: how I choose to "think" of my fears/anxiety. Name the fear, tell your mind this is just anxiety an emotion, and not a danger to my life.

2. Relax: allow yourself to feel the emotion, Breathe deeply in thru your nose and slowly exhale out thru your mouth.

3. Remind: Yourself of successful ways you have used in the past to calm your anxiety,

4. Reward: Don't let achievements go unnoticed. When you have been courageous, faced a fear or achieved a goal whether big or small- celebrate your success. Whether a mental "high-five", take time to do something you enjoy or spoil yourself with a little splurge in some small way.

5. Record: It is a good idea to track what seems to “trigger” your anxiety, this will help in management and minimizing anxiety episodes

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