Learn the right way to E.A.T.

When I was in Indianapolis for my annual post-transplant check-up. I had multiple tests and workups to make sure all 5 of my organs (stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, and colon) were functioning properly.

I had a lengthy discussion with my dietician and physician. We focused on strategies for proper nutrition and fueling my body with the right foods. You would think that is common sense, but for someone who was fed via an IV for 36 years training my new digestive system to eat at the right times to eat, and the right amounts of calories, grams of proteins, and how to balance of enough fats is a continual learning process.

I realized it is critical to not only fuel my body but I needed to focus on fueling my mind as well. I believe “how” and “what” you fuel into your mind is also a continual learning process. Just like my doctors and dietician assess what I am fueling my body with, I know I need to reflect on what actions and what I am taking in daily to fuel my mind.

Do I spend my time binge-watching T.V.? Scrolling thru Facebook or Instagram comparing myself to others with their “perfect” lives. Doing this is a sure fire way to release unhealthy feelings of inadequacy. Am I wasting my time on twitter reading the barrage of negative “tweets” out in the world? Detrimentally pounding in a pessimistic view of the good of human nature. Envying lifestyles of celebrities? Spending too much money trying to fill “holes” with material things that don’t truly matter? Wasting money, time…and ultimately my mind!

I need to break the practice of self-sabotage and set myself up for mental success. My success or failure is up to me. I choose the actions I take daily and the habits I create. I decide whether I engage or remain stagnant in Educating my mind, Assessing my habits to and Transplanting these new ideas into my life. You can learn how to quickly and easily create new habits into your life and learn the secrets to making them last with my coaching program. https://www.melindacoaching.com/work-with-me

It is so critical to learning better ways of both my oral and mental intake. Resulting in balancing nutrition and balancing my life. This can be accomplished by fueling my mind and intentionally with this comes empowerment. I will continue to break through limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, found some excellent resources for accomplishing these goals and enhanced new learning. There is some great fuel out there…So go E.A.T !

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