Are your thoughts and emotions on auto-pilot?

At times does it seem your thoughts and emotions are ruled by an uncontrollable GPS system in your brain? Often the choices we make, the actions we take happen as if our emotions are on auto-pilot. Based on our individual interpretations of life experiences each of us build our own highways in our brains these thoughts or routes of neural networks are memorized in our brain for later use.

When familiar circumstances occur our brain switches to cruise control taking using our emotional GPS, guiding us down pre-established/pre-programmed pathways of responses. Some of these responses are not helpful emotions, making our ability to respond in new and or productive ways difficult.

So how do we keep our thoughts choosing positive actions in our life instead of allowing our emotions to run things or even run us over?

Are your thoughts becoming a "mental taxi" driving your emotions to unwanted destinations?

Or getting you stuck in mental traffic jams?

What about those times when we can’t change our triggers?

We choose new thoughts to trigger new and desired emotions. I would like to share with you something that I believe can give us the quickest emotional boost, and one of the best ways to change our emotions. We still have the power to shift our emotions and give ourselves an emotional make-over.

I was listening to Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School and discovered this great strategy... you can use in just 5 minutes.


1. Describe what you are feeling…. Tense, anxious…pounding in my head, upset stomach, rapid heart rate Be very factual in your description

2. SHIFT your brain from feeling the emotion, to a new perspective as if you are an outside observer. Start watching your emotions

3. Name it…..just a short simple name will do

4. Remember this emotion is not who you are

5. Now, use your thoughts to create a sentence in your head to CHANGE this named emotion- Deliberately force yourself to shift your focus with this new thought sentence.

If you would like help learning how to manage your thoughts more successfully and create the desired results you want in life. Go to

By learning how to create new thoughts you will see new results in your life in as little as 2 short months I can help you go from "stressed to success"

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