10 tips for raising a special needs child

Updated: Apr 9

1. Don't compare your child to other healthy children

2. Celebrate both the big and small milestones

3. Celebrate "milestones" even the small ones

4. Build a support network of doctors, specialists, therapists as well as social support from friends, extended family, clergy, etc.

5. It is okay to say "no" or get a second opinion

6. Speak up! You are your child's best advocate

7. .Listen to your mother's intuition no one knows your child better than you

8. Show your gratitude to the nurses, they will provide extra TLC, or be willing to go out of their way to help your child when needed.

9. Keep a journal that focuses on positivity, gratitude and write your child's

growth/achievements. This is helpful to look back at on hard days.

10. Live each day to the fullest. Don't sweat the small stuff-Take life one day at a time.

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