Choose your Coaching Plan

  • 2 months 2 Success

    8 sessions- Learn how to achieve any goal
    • Identify Goals and Create an Action Plan
    • Reduce Stress/Overwhelm
    • Find and Maintain Motivation
    • Increase Happiness/Enhance Relationships
    • Leverage your thoughts/ Create the results you want in life
    • Time-Management Secrets "How to get it all done?"
    • Build Confidence and Empowerment
    • Exercises and worksheet for accelerated skill implementation
  • Tiny Habits 101

    6 sessions to help you create change/implement methods
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Create habits quickly & easily without relying on willpower
    • What drives our behavior- Motivation, Ability, and Prompt
    • Growing and Multiplying your new habits
    • Changing together as a group/family
    • Transforming negative irritants into positive habits
    • Accelerate growth and creating lasting habits
    • Coaching exercises and homework to implement new skills
  • Breaking Bad Habits

    4 Custom Coaching Sessions
    • How to create new positive habits/eliminate negative habits
    • The Three types of "bad" habits
    • Breaking bad habits why traditional methods do not work
    • Motivation vs. Willpower
    • The science behind our behavior and actions
    • Setting Yourself up for Success/Creating lasting change