Believe it.
Be it. 
Live it.

Achieve your impossible goals
and   live the life you
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My name is Melinda Fogg Nelson. I am a Tiny Habits® certified coach.  I am also a  five organ transplant survivor.

Because of my unique life experience,  I have achieved impossible goals, overcome monumental obstacles and know how to conquer chronic chaos and overwhelm in life.


What people want and what people actually do are often different. I  can help you achieve the goals you want by helping you change what you do.  You can use this new ground breaking method to create positive habits, reduce stress, improve physical and emotional health, enhance relationships, increase happiness and achieve your impossible goals.

                          Out with the old, in with the new...

                   transplanting habits transforming you!


Optimize your life by "transplanting" out old negative behaviors and replacing them with successful new habits that result in personal growth and transformation. You will gain powerful new perspectives and valuable insight as you begin to utilize these proven methods developed by the world's leading expert in behavior design, Dr. B.J Fogg PhD.

As you utilize the Tiny Habits® methods you will be able to quickly and easily create new habits that last. You will discover  powerful "tiny" changes lead to big impact!  Now is the time to stop living  your life by default and start living a life you design! 

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My Story

I grew up with a chronic illness and spent 36 years being fed intravenously on TPN.

In the fall of 2015, I survived a 5-organ transplant. I am a wife and mother of three amazing children, my youngest has the same rare disease. 

As a caregiver of a medically fragile child I have been utterly overwhelmed by the schedule of numerous therapies and constant medical appointments. I have spent many sleepless nights worrying, I understand the emotional and physical exhaustion that comes from high demands upon your time and energy. Some days you are barely surviving. forget actually thriving. It can be stressful living in constant crisis mode. 


When I became a certified coach and started utilizing the Tiny Habits® methods,

my life was transformed.  I learned strategies to reduce stress, prevent burn-out, and calm the chronic chaos in my life! I found new reservoirs of emotional and physical strength.

As ​I quickly and easily created new habits, I began to truly enjoy my life. I became more productive and efficient at prioritizing my time. I noticed an acceleration in personal growth, and my ability to achieve goals. I feel happier and  more empowered and have become a better mother and the best version of myself.


Let me teach you these proven methods and practical strategies to conquer  your "real" life problems. I can help you take your life from "stressed to success".

Are you ready to find happiness, transform your life and create the positive changes you have been dreaming about!



 Coaching Workshops


Are you interested in accelerating success and up leveling your ability to create positive change?  I will teach you how to select the right behaviors (your "golden behaviors") to optimize the new tiny habits you create.


  Do you have a  a few unwanted/"bad" habits you want to break? Learn why conventional methods do not work

at this months coaching workshop


I will be sharing with you Dr. B.J. Fogg's new break through methods to shift the way you think about "bad" habits and how to eliminate them for good!

Melinda has shown me how to overcome monumental challenges, believe that I could achieve impossible goals against all odds. She has many great strategies to help me optimize my parenting skills and not let hard times overwhelm me as I raise my own special needs son.

April M. - R. N.

Melinda was incredibly helpful to me as I was learning to deal better with procrastination. I had been meaning to update my resume and start networking for a new job for months before our first meeting, but because these tasks felt really overwhelming to me, I kept avoiding them and continued to feel 'stuck' in my current job.

Melinda helped me break down these tasks into tiny, manageable steps -- she showed me it was as simple as working on one line of my resume each day. By starting small, I was finally able to create a resume I was proud of and I was making coffee dates with potential job contacts! Melinda's coaching ultimately showed me how it is about progress and not perfection, a motto I will carry with me long after our sessions.

Cora D. -  Guidance Counselor


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